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Updated: Oct 13, 2022

About Me

I've now been a massage therapist for nearly half of my life. The very short version of my story is - I have always been more tactile than most and learned at an early age that my touch was my gift. Over the years I have poured massive amounts of my time, energy, and money into learning more about the body academically, through the bodies I've worked on, and in movement and meditative practices of my own.

Making a true home of these bodies we inhabit is my passion.

If you're finding me now you're probably hoping for a bit of relief - be that from jaw pain, chronic or acute pain throughout your body, a challenging relationship with your body and emotions, post-op aches, or support in recovering from performance wear and tear. Perhaps you're pregnant and find the shifts of growing a human to cause a bit of ache; I'm here to help with that too.

Qualifications include:

Licensed Massage Therapist 2006 (AZ) - Current (NY)

CPR Certification 2005-Current

Exercise Physiologist 2015-Current

Training in Ayurvedic massage by Pratima Raichur 2018

Somatic Experience Practitioner 2023

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